How to get Tattooed


   My email is a great way for me to stay organized and be able to record our conversations about your project.  Being an appointment only artist means that i don’t have regular business hours so every week my time at the office varies.  This in turn may make it difficult for you to catch me at the office.  However the invite is open for you to stop by anytime.  If you don’t find me just send that email where I am able to receive all your ideas and reference.  
     Each individual is going to receive a unique Tattoo and this also comes with a unique price tag.  Many times I am unable to give an estimate of cost until the process is more involved.  What I will try to do here is give you an idea of how this works.  
     After contact has been made and an idea discussed a deposit will be required before any of the actual design work would begin. Deposit amounts vary depending on the idea and how much preparation will be involved.  Send that email and find out my current hourly rate and minimum charge per Tattoo.  
     During the above process I will explain what you can expect for your particular request.  All questions about your design and estimations of time and cost will be answered as best as possible.  For a one visit Tattoo I will be able to just give you a price quote.  However larger projects have no answer to time or cost as each has too many variables to even guess end cost.  Session work (more than one visit to start and complete your Tattoo) comes with a minimum 2 hour per visit charge.  I normally don’t like to work more than 2 to 4 hours at a time on any one project but sometimes situations like long distance travel of a client allow me to bend this rule.  The numerous visits it takes to complete larger work is paid as we Tattoo so your expense is broken up over the months or years it takes to get the end result.  
     Now that you have a grasp on how our new journey begins I will be waiting to open that email and read your story.  Often times my clients give me amazing ideas and I can not wait to hear yours.  ✌🏼